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Mergemill Pro is a discontinued product, but licences will still be available for a while longer. This site will be maintained for a longer time for users to redownload the software whenever they need to and to access the online documentation.

"Thanks so much, love the product!" - Nicholas Ciarelli
"You have a wonderful product...Thanks again for a great product." - Mario Ascoli
"Thanks to MergeMill that now we see many more ways that we can use it to further refine and extend our 'huge' website." - Tejinder Hansra
"Mergemill Pro’s greatest strengths ... are convenience, speed, and scheduled processing." - Kit Lai
"This is a hell of a program you’ve got. I continue to be surprised by how flexible and intuitive it’s turning out to be... I’m very impressed." - Dan Taylor

Download Mergemill Pro for WindowsWindows XP to 8.1 (9.8 MB)

Download Mergemill Pro for Mac OS X IntelMac OS X 10.6 to 10.11 (16.2 MB)

download Mergemill Pro now

download Mergemill Pro now


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(Mac OS X)

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Reviewed: FindMySoft (Editor rating 5/5, "Essential")
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On the Mac, you install the Mergemill Pro folder by mounting the disk image you downloaded and dragging the folder into Applications. On Windows, the Mergemill Pro folder is installed into the Program Files folder. Within the installed Mergemill Pro folder are

The Mergemill SE Resources folder can be separately downloaded here. It contains:

Getting Started

The Mergemill Pro Quick Start Guide and the video tutorials are excellent places to begin learning to use the software.

Mergemill Dreamweaver Extension

Adobe Dreamweaver is a popular graphical tool for developing web sites. If you switch its document view to either Split or Code, it's also good for creating and editing Mergemill templates. The Mergemill extension for Dreamweaver, Mergemill dwx.mxp, makes it easier for you to insert Mergemill tags into your HTML documents.

To install the extension, follow these steps:

Mergemill Dreamweaver Extension


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